Walmart Lays Off 450 From Headquarters

Walmart lays off 450 from headquartersWalmart laid off 450 employees at its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., Friday as part of a plan to increase its competitive edge. Read more of this post

Made in the USA? Or not?

When are Manufacturers Liable for Claims Made by Their Retailers? Made in USA Claims, American made claims, Made in America Claims. Made in the USA? Or not?

When can a company tout its products as “Made in the USA”? Different (sometimes conflicting) standards under federal and state law can make it difficult for shoppers to know what they’re buying and manufacturers and retailers to know when it’s safe to label their products as American-made. Read more of this post

Dog Owner Sues Tyson Over ‘Made In USA’ Pet Food Labels

Dog Owner Sues Tyson Over 'Made In USA' Pet Food Labels

A California dog owner filed a putative statewide class action on Wednesday in federal court, accusing Tyson Foods of misleading consumers and violating state laws by intentionally mislabeling pet foods and treats made with ingredients sourced in foreign countries as “Made in the USA” and charging premium prices. Read more of this post

Made in USA Claims: Three Cheers for The Said Right and True

Made in USA Claims: Three Cheers for The Said Right and True

Two products sit side by side on the store shelf, but only one says “Made in USA.” Read more of this post

More cases of E. Coli in Washington, Oregon Expected

More cases of E. Coli in Washington, Oregon Expected

Health officials expect the number of people sickened by an E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle restaurants in Washington state and Oregon to grow while they investigate the cause of the infection. Read more of this post

Study Finds High Levels of Salmon Fraud in Restaurants

Study finds very high level of salmon fraud in restaurants
Take another look at your restaurant salmon this winter. (Photo: Getty images)

As winter approaches, take a second look at that wild salmon entree you paid a premium for in a restaurant. It’s likely mislabeled. Read more of this post

Manufacturer’s Definition of ‘Made in USA’ Costs Big Bucks

Is the Made in USA Label Compatible with WTO Law?, Manufacturer's Definition of ‘Made in USA’ Costs Big Bucks

As companies “tiptoe” back to the United States from overseas, the “Made in USA” label should grow more common. However, ambiguous rules are costing some manufacturers hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees. So what’s the problem? The coveted “Made in USA” does not always mean the same thing to companies as to the Federal Trade Commission.  Read more of this post

RIP Manufacturing Renaissance (and Reshoring) Claims

RIP Manufacturing Renaissance (and Reshoring) Claims

Because manufacturers (and others) don’t always do what they say, surveys of their intentions on hiring and investment and the like should always be taken with a big boulder of salt – the more so since the questions are often asked and the answers given in a political and policy context.

Read more of this post

Walmart Removes Made in USA Logos From Website After Government Inquiry

Walmart removes "Made in USA" logos from website after government inquiry

The retailer avoids government action by changing its “Made in the U.S.A.” labeling. Read more of this post

Panel Maker Charged US$7.7M for Putting Made in USA Labels on Chinese Modules

Texas panel maker charged US$7.7 million for putting ‘Made in USA labels’ on Chinese modules

Bankrupt panel manufacturer 1SolTech has agreed to pay penalties and compensation amounting to more than US$7.7 million after it admitted putting ‘Made in USA’ labelling on Chinese-made modules. Read more of this post


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