The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has significantly strengthened consumer confidence and transparency in food labeling by finalizing the voluntary “Product of USA” label claim. Announced on March 11, 2024, this initiative aims to provide more precise information to consumers about the origin of their food, ensuring that products bearing this label are genuinely produced within the United States.

Key Highlights of the New “Product of USA” Label Claim:

  1. Voluntary Adoption: The “Product of USA” label claim allows producers and manufacturers to opt-in if they meet the criteria. This flexibility encourages businesses to participate without imposing mandatory requirements.
  2. Clear Definition: To qualify for the “Product of USA” label, the product must be processed in the United States, and significant ingredients must be sourced domestically. This clarity helps avoid misleading claims and ensures consumers trust the label.
  3. Consumer Trust and Transparency: The USDA’s initiative is designed to enhance consumer trust by providing a straightforward and verifiable claim about the origin of their food. By ensuring that products labeled as “Product of USA” are genuinely domestically produced, the USDA aims to reduce confusion and build confidence in American-made goods.
  4. Support for Domestic Producers: The USDA also supports domestic producers and manufacturers by promoting the “Product of USA” label. This initiative helps highlight the quality and safety of American products, potentially boosting demand for goods produced within the country.
  5. Rigorous Standards and Verification: The USDA will implement rigorous standards and verification processes to ensure that products bearing the “Product of USA” label meet the established criteria. This oversight is crucial in maintaining the label’s integrity and accurately reflecting the product’s origin.

Made in USA One’s Commitment Since 2001:

At Made in USA One, we have been promoting and certifying American-made products since 2001. Our “Product of USA” certification aligns seamlessly with the USDA’s new initiative, reflecting our longstanding commitment to supporting domestic production and providing consumers with reliable, transparent information about the origin of their products.

Implications for Consumers and Producers:

For consumers, the “Product of USA” label provides a reliable indicator of the origin of their food, allowing them to make informed purchasing decisions. This label helps consumers support domestic agriculture and manufacturing, aligning their choices with their values and preferences.

The label offers producers an opportunity to differentiate their products in the market. By meeting the USDA’s criteria and adopting the “Product of USA” label, producers can signal their commitment to quality and transparency, potentially gaining a competitive edge.


The USDA’s finalization of the voluntary “Product of USA” label claim is a significant milestone in promoting transparency, consumer confidence, and support for domestic production. As consumers increasingly seek to understand the origins of their food, this initiative provides a clear and trustworthy label that can guide their purchasing decisions. For producers, it offers a valuable opportunity to showcase their commitment to quality and support for American agriculture and manufacturing.

At Made in USA One, we are proud to have pioneered the “Product of USA” certification since 2001. We welcome the USDA’s efforts to enhance consumer confidence and transparency in food labeling. By fostering trust and transparency, the “Product of USA” label helps build a stronger connection between consumers and their chosen products, ultimately contributing to a more informed and confident marketplace.

For more information about our certification process and how it aligns with the USDA’s new initiative, please visit Made in USA One.


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