At Walmart’s inaugural U.S. Manufacturing Summit in Orlando August 2013, Ronnie Dunn from the famous singing duo Brooks & Dunn, revved up the 1500 attendees with a phenomenal rendition of his very appropriate song “Only in America”.

Together we create jobs in the USA! ™

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U.S. Secretary of Agriculture meets with Julie Reiser @ Made in USA Certified Inc. Home office in Boca Raton, FL

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MADE IN THE U.S.A. Julie Reiser | Sarasota News Network SNN

There is a new organization on the rise that aims to verify and certify businesses that use American made products and for keeping jobs here in the US. Today they came to Sarasota to recognize some local businesses.

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Julie Reiser, President & Co-Founder of Made in USA Certified talks about the US JOBS PROJECT initiative launch this summer – July 4th 2012.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Watch Julie Reiser (mom of six) talk with Heather Childers of Fox Business News Live (via Skype) about Made in USA Certified’s TOP*5* Mother’s Day Gift suggestions.  Featured certified companies; USA Coffee Company, Books on Shirts, Brand of the Free, Thought Out Company, Tough Traveler and Hanky Panky

FOX BUSINESS NEWS Live – Made in USA Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2011
Watch Julie Reiser talk with Tracy Brynes of Fox Business News Live about some great Made in USA Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas for friends, family and associates– all certifiably Made in USA. Featured certified companies: The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory, Pledge Ring, The World’s Best Carrot Cake, Silver Moon Deserts, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice, and Etched Wines

FOX BUSINESS NEWS Live – Made in USA Holiday Gift Guide 2010
Watch Julie Reiser talk with Tracy Brynes of Fox Business News Live about giving presents this holiday that are Made in USA.  If just every American bought 2 or 3 gifts this year that were Made in USA – how that would make a huge difference for our US Economy and the creation of U.S. jobs.  It’s the Buy American Challenge!

NBC – WPTV/Channel 5 – Local Woman Wants You to Buy American
Watch Julie Reiser talk with Mollie Reynolds of WPTV/Channel 5 about her mission to help more consumers Buy American this Holiday Season!

Watch Julie Reiser and Kevin DeMatteo of Made in USA Certified talk live from the FOX BUSINESS NEWS – NYC studio with Tracy Byrnes and Chris Cotter about Made in USA Certified and what it means to be Made in USA.

FOX News 29 & CBS News 12 – Made in USA Certified Ribbon Cutting
Watch Adam Reiser, the Made in USA Certified team, the Chamber of Commerce, and city Government officials celebrate the companies new offices and expansion.

ABC/Fox – WCHS Eyewitness News  in Charleston, West Virginia
Watch Adam Reiser and Julie Reiser talk with Patrick McMurtry from WCHS Eyewitness News out of Charleston, West Virgina about the impact of factories closing in their town and the loss of jobs and why it is important to buy Made in USA to keep these companies and Americans employed.

Teenage Boys on the Broken Economy
Watch the two oldest Reiser boys explain why it is so hard to find a job right now, and what Made in USA Certified is doing to make a positive difference.

Trailer: Arago, Inc./MMA Textiles Factory Tour
Watch Julie Reiser and family take it to the streets and tour the MMA Textiles Factory.
Corporate Video #1

Corporate Video #2


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