In a competitive environment, Made in USA Certified is just another opportunity for differentiation and it’s also one of our most popular marketing initiatives.   The result of which has benefited Earthwise Group with sales growth of 37% over the last 2 years and we believe that a lot of that has to do with the company’s participation in this Made in USA Certification program.”

Mark Davis,
Executive Director of the Earthwise Group
Earthwise Group


Aeronautica Windpower, LLC, is pleased to announce that Cape Verde Wind has
chosen our 47-750kW Wind Turbine Generators for efficient, and reliable
power to the people of Cape Verde.  The initial purchase order of 15 units
will provide 11.2 megawatts of power for this $22 million project, with more
planned for installation in 2012 and 2013.   Couldn’t have done it without
Made in USA, frankly: They were looking for a quality solution, and that
little seal of yours helped convince them we are one!  Cheers!”

Shaun Lockett,
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Aeronautica Windpower, LLC”


“Often, if you check a label inside a t-shirt that has an American flag pictured on the front, you’ll find that the shirt was Made in China!   It’s not always China—it could be Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Honduras—anywhere but the United States.  This is an irony that is emblematic of the enormous shift in emphasis away from manufacture in this country over the last few decades.   The apparel industry began to defect a few decades ago to save on labor costs—who could blame them, you say?    In fact, there are many advantages to keeping production local, and many of those who left for foreign production have probably experienced enough problems lately to have given some thought these days to those benefits.

Hanky Panky is a better lingerie design and manufacture firm that never considered leaving our shores.  We’ve been based in New York since we opened our doors in 1977 and have used local contractors from day 1.  We are proud of our allegiance to those who knit and print and ship and inventory and grade and make patterns and cut and sew—all in this country—and applaud Made in USA Certified for documenting and certifying these activities.  We are extremely proud to display their logo which clearly proclaims that our production has passed their rigorous standards for local manufacture.  Hanky Panky–Made in the USA since 1977.”

~~Lida Orzeck – CEO
373 Park Avenue South – NY, NY


“Tough Traveler is excited to be certified as a solid USA manufacturer by Made in USA Certified.  We believe our certification is helpful to customers who are searching on the internet for truly USA-made products.  This year we have seen an increase in customers thanking us for our USA-manufacturing, as well as an increase this year in customers telling us of their searching on the internet for truly USA-made products. With our Made in USA Certification, more people in the USA and worldwide who want USA-made products should be able to find them!”~
~ Nancy Gold, President of Tough Traveler Ltd.


“As the global leader in Burn Care products, our customers look to us for perfection in quality, in a category where there is no room for anything less, 99.75% will never do. The MADE IN USA CERTIFIED Seal communicates that uncompromising standard.
~~ Mike Lorelli, President and CEO / WaterJel Technologies


“Our experience with Made in the USA Certified has been overwhelmingly positive.  The owners, Adam and Julie, are deeply committed to the cause of strengthening production in America, and are enthusiastic supporters and partners of their clients.  They search for every avenue possible to promote the companies which undergo the certification process, and maintain communication with them after the process is completed.    Getting on board with Made in the USA Certified is essential if your company’s products are made in America!”
~~Cynthia and Thomas Darmstandler, Owners
Kona’s Chips, Dog Treats Made in America with Love


“All American Clothing Co. competes in an industry that is considered to be 97% foreign made. Thus we receive emails on a daily basis asking if we are truly in the top 3% of USA Made apparel manufactures. Patrons constantly question us about raw goods and labor. I certainly cannot fault buyers for asking… but the truth is we are one of the few that can legally claim to be USA Made. We exceed the Federal Trade Commissions strictest of rules. The backing offered by USA-C (Made in USA Certified, Inc.) constantly helps us to satisfy our patrons that we are being honest, compliant and well within the FTC Act’s conditions/rules. USA Made products and jobs are important and USA-C Certification helps us to give comfort to the patrons that they are getting a genuine USA Made product. Thank you Adam and Julie… keep up the good work!”
~~Lawson Nickol, Co-Founder
All American Clothing Co.


Casual Creations (FLOAA.00143)

“The expense and time invested to go through the full audit process, completed by Adam Reiser and the staff at “Made in USA Certified” was worth every penny. This certification will take Casual Creations to the forefront for the casual furniture industry, where we can proudly display the “Made in USA Seal” on all of our products. The American consumer should be proud to buy American made products and support the local and national small businesses. Casual Creations, a 34 yr old company, is setting the stage to bring the manufacturing back to the US and creating more jobs for the American workers.

Thanks again to the entire staff at “Made in USA Certified”, we look forward to a prosperous and successful relationship ahead.

Enhancing your outdoor lifestyle & changing one patio at a time!

Certified and Proudly “Made in the USA” (FLOAA.00143)”


Arthur James Jr.