Made in USA Certified®

Made in USA Certified® is the only registered “Made in USA Certified” word mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (REG. NO. 4000789)  and is proud to be an approved outside third-party certification resource for Walmart’s $250 billion commitment to source products “Made in USA”.

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Certified True!

Why select Made in USA Certified?

Since 2008,  Verity International Ltd. is the nation’s leading independent 3rd party certification source for “Made in USA”, “Product of USA”, “Grown in USA” or “Service in USA” seals.  

To help ensure transparency and clarification for consumers wanting to purchase “Made in USA” products to help stimulate the American economy; Made in USA Certified now offers distinct qualified +- 5% seals available to manufacturers based on the  percentage of U.S. content within their products:

  1. Made in USA Certified Seal at (100% U.S. Content)
  2. Made in USA Certified Qualified Seal at (90% > U.S. Content)
  3. Made in USA Certified Qualified Seal at (75% > U.S. Content)
  4. Made in USA Certified Qualified Seal at (51%> U.S. Content)

The Product of USA Certified Seal, Grown in USA Certified Seal require 100% U.S. content.  The Service in USA Certified Seal requires 100% of the labor force be in the United States of America.

Why get certified?

Trust.  Made in USA Certified is an independent certification system that applies proprietary audit criteria consistently across companies.  Criteria are checked through the company’s supply chain and there is a monthly compliance check after the initial audit.  Only companies that are sure that they can meet these strict standards apply.

Reliable.  Whether it be orange juice or aircraft equipment, the seals signal strict compliance to being “Made in or Product of USA” –  Standards are enforced reliably across categories so the end consumer, regardless of where they are seeing the seal,  on Manufactured, Produced, Grown or Services are truly, made in the U.S.A..

Powerful Message.  A Made in USA Certified® seal validates a company’s claim that their product or service was made in the United States of America.  The seal is a message….a powerful message….to consumers.  The seal says the company has committed to American jobs and to the American economy.  Displaying the seal gives consumers the option to visibly support products and services of the USA.  By purchasing Made in USA Certified®, consumers can voice their choice with their wallets.

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