WINSTON-SALEM, NC, a cabinet, deck and hardwood floor refinishing contractor in Winston-Salem, has received official notice that they are the first home improvement contractor in the nation to be MADE IN USA CERTIFIED in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission requirements.

Lee Brown, company Visioneer explains why they sought the recognition, “North Carolina lost 80,000 jobs to China in less than 10 years. Most of these were in the wood industries. So from the beginning our expressed values were to use both “Made in America” and child-safe GREEN products for hardwood refinishing.”

Qualifying for the MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® Seal signifies that products like wood finishes have gone through a proprietary and rigorous supply-chain audit and certification process to confirm compliance with U.S. laws and regulations in regards to the ‘Made in USA’.

“North Carolinians are worried about the quality, durability and child safety of foreign products being used in their homes”, explained Brown. “With this certification, we are now able to differentiate our remarkable services from every other contractor in the market, and at the same time give greater creditability to our skilled craftsmen and floor techs. North Carolinians now have a choice to have safe and superior products used in their home – while putting Americans back to work, fueling our American economy and aiding in the recovery of our economic system.”

Technicians working for have as much as 20+ years individual experience providing superior craftsmanship, and are committed to “BEST Products – BEST Practices – BETTER Value”. “Because we use “Made in USA” products, we have the confidence to offer product warranties that range from 2 to 15 years, something unprecedented in the flooring industry.”

Although additional costs are incurred to meet the stringent Made in USA regulations, a recent Gallup Poll found that 72% of Americans are paying heightened attention to the country of origin of the products they buy and nearly 94% of Americans would pay more for products made in the United States of America. Lee Brown added, “North Carolina home-owners, realtors and property managers want companies to adhere to strict US labor laws regarding employment of illegal workers, OSHA compliance, safety standards, sustainability and EPA environmental regulations, …and most of all, they want the guarantee of quality and durability best found in American made products.”

President of Made In USA, Inc., Julie Reiser stated, “ is a shining example of how craftsmen in the United States can still reuse and refinish wood to restore the value, durability and beauty of wood floors, cabinets, doors, paneling, church furniture and decks. By using “Made in America” wood stains and finishes; All-Things-Wood is keeping ingenuity, innovation and the American Dream alive and well in this country. We are so proud to certify this family run and operated business that is employing Americans and fueling our national economy.” is a member of the Piedmont Environmental Alliance and the Winston-Salem Home Builders Association.  To celebrate the “Made In USA” certification, All-Things-Wood will provide sandless refinishing for 99 Cents (7-Year Warranty) for the first 50 clients that call.


Made In USA Certificate for
Made In USA Certificate for[Download]


All-Things-Wood, Inc. reflects a passion for sustainability, natural wood, consumer savings and child safe techniques. They offer 20+ years of craftsmen proven “Best Products – Best Practices”. Thanks to their low odor and dust free approach; you don’t have to move out of your home – and the project is often completed in hours, not days. A Winston-Salem born innovation, their choice products are low VOC, lead-free, made in the USA, water-based and GREEN.

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