We have reached a very perilous time in our beloved countries history, some experts say we are at the “tipping point” and all signs point in the direction we don’t want to go.  Sky rocketing unemployment numbers, foreclosures, bankruptcies, consumer debt, federal debt, massive amounts of imported goods & energy sources flooding our shores virtually with no resistance or limitation.  We are at war, a war on the life we once knew, the life our ancestors risked their life and fortunes for. A country where anything was possible if you worked hard, a place where the “American Dream” flourished and thrived- where a simple working man could create a fortune beyond his wildest dreams.  This America is at dire risk of being lost forever and  we all can see it on every corner, in every city across this great land.  You see the worry in your neighbors faces, you see it in all the vacant shops, empty factories, work yards, ghost towns- it is hard to escape the reality- from Detroit to California -the state of our country is evident.

However….This is our great call, this is our generations greatest call to action- to save OUR AMERICA.  It is one we must not turn our backs on, or look away- we must stand, united to save our American way of life–“The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  A place where a man could find a job, make a decent wage, own a home and feed his family.  In order to do this- we need to fight to save our American manufacturing base, our farmers/producers and service providers– these are the JOBS– this is our way of life, this is the fuel for our economy.  These jobs stoke our economy, create consumer spending, savings, investment and growth.  We must stand together.  MADE in USA CERTIFIED™– is a part of the SOLUTION for our America and the time is NOW!

Our team at MADE in USA CERTIFIED™ is passionately driven to help support our American manufacturer, producers and service providers.  Our unique Made in USA Certified seal is a valuable marketing tool for companies to utilize to promote themselves to the very consumers looking to Buy American, save their way of life, fuel our U.S. economy, and keep the American dream alive for the generations to follow.  Made in USA is the right thing to do at the right time and failure– quite simply is NOT an option!

MADE in USA CERTIFIED™ provides a valuable, non-partisan, independent, third-party, trusted and recognizable certification and auditing process. Our proprietary audit and certification process assures consumers that the products they purchase ARE certifiably made in the United States of America. We reward merchants, manufacturers and producers of all sizes with a unique and easily identifiable seal.  Then we actively promote these certified companies to consumers, raising awareness about these companies and the importance of “Buying American” and act as a non-partisan advocate on behalf of these companies on Capital Hill.

MADE in USA CERTIFIED™ is more than a business — it is a mission to re-build our America…..one company, one consumer at a time!

God Bless America!

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