OAKDALE, Calif., Aug. 19 — Kona’s Chips (www.konaschips.com) has successfully completed the Made in USA Certified proprietary audit process making it the first U.S. pet treats manufacturer to be granted license to use the Made in USA Certified Seal.

Guidelines used in making Kona’s Chips unique brand of dried Chicken Dog Treats from premium 100% USDA inspected sliced chicken breasts, exceeds those of the U.S. Government and the Federal Trade Commission.  The Made in USA Certified Seal (www.usa-c.com) assures consumers the ‘Made in USA’ claim is true and verifiable.

Kona’s Chips are produced, processed and packaged in America and now have qualified their ‘Made in USA’ claim by becoming Made in USA Certified.  “American pet owners looking for a safe and healthy snack can now turn to Kona’s Chips with complete peace of mind,” said Julie Reiser, Co-founder and President of Made in USA Certified, Inc.

Cynthia and Tom Darmstandler started Kona’s Chips after their new Pomeranian puppy, Kona became addicted and ill from Chinese made chicken strips.  After almost losing little Kona when he became ill, their quest to find American-made dried chicken breast for dogs began.  Surprisingly, Cynthia and Tom discovered that they were unable to find an all-American product which was produced in America, processed in America, and packaged in America.  So, they decided to start making their own all-American products and Kona’s Chips was born.

According to Reiser, “Kona’s Chips commitment to manufacturing in the USA and insistence on nothing less than made in USA quality has created a product that will surely be in demand by dog lovers worldwide.

“America’s economic recovery as well as its economic standing in the world are tied to manufacturing, so American consumers should support companies like Kona’s Chips who are providing U.S. jobs.”

About Made in USA Certified, Inc. (www.usa-c.com)

Made in USA Certified, Inc. is the leader in independent third party assurance verification for genuine Made in USA products and services. This Seal of Certification assures the consumer that the Made in USA or Product of USA claim is true– keeping you and your family safe, giving consumers peace of mind and helping to support and promote products and services Made in USA, one factory, one business at a time.
Trust but Certify!™

Media contact: Jessica Robinson – Jessica@transmediagroup.com

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