By Good Ranchers June 10th, 2022

Ironically, after revoking the Country Of Origin Labeling in 2015, the USDA is looking into confusion around the “Product of USA” label. The USDA defines the law as follows: “Country of Origin Labeling (C.O.O.L) is a labeling law that requires retailers, such as full-line grocery stores, supermarkets and club warehouse stores, to notify their customers with information regarding the source of certain foods.” ( USDA)

Why would consumers be confused about these labels now? They’re confused because meat that is imported from overseas and then minimally processed in the United States can receive a “Product of USA” label. Yes, you read that right. The C.O.O.L Law used to require that meat coming from New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, and other foreign countries be labeled as products of their home countries, but now those foreign products cannot be differentiated from local, American goods in our supermarkets and grocery stores. This has effectively stripped all Americans of their right to know where the products they buy and consume come from.

Buyers used to have a lot more of the information they needed in the meat aisle before the C.O.O.L law was revoked in 2015. Today, cuts of beef and pork and ground beef and pork are not subject to any country of origin labeling. (C.O.O.L) Now foreign meat is disguised by a once valuable label that now almost means nothing. A “Product of the USA” label on a beef or pork package today has the same value as a “Product of Precipitation” label on a puddle in the road. Any piece of meat can be partially processed here in the States and receive a “Product of USA” Label, so what does the label really mean now?

To analyze people’s opinions on this issue, the USDA is now conducting a survey and review to see if people care about labeling and if this specific “Product of USA” label policy seems misleading. This is all about seven years too late if you ask us, but here’s how we imagine that survey going… (Not a real survey conducted by the USDA… we think)

USDA Interviewer: So what do you think a “Product of USA” label means when you see one at the store?

Interviewee: Uh, that it’s a product… of the USA.

USDA Interviewer: Right… and if it wasn’t necessarily a “Product of the USA” and actually a foreign product that was flown into the country a week ago would that feel… I don’t know… misleading?

Interviewee: Yes.

USDA Interviewer: Really? Well, thanks for that insight. We’ll interview 100 more people over 10 years and then maybe make a decision.

It’s hard to believe that our government and food agencies are just now discovering how this labeling language misleads people. Thanks to you partnering with us in magnifying the voices and stories of American farmers and ranchers, we may finally be making a noise they cannot ignore. The story of hard-working Americans in the face of opposition is one that has resounded since the founding of this country, and it will continue to echo for days to come. No one should encroach on that story without consequence. This “Product of USA” mess is an encroachment.

We cannot allow anyone to plagiarize the name that should be reserved for authentic American products. Good Ranchers started in response to this mass importing of foreign products that are labeled “Product of USA”. We exist to connect American families to American farms. All of our meat is 100% born, raised, and harvested in the United States. We don’t aim to earn a label, we want to earn your trust. We’re one of the only meat delivery companies that will GUARANTEE you 100% American beef.

Our partnerships are not with oversea corporations, but with local, American farms & ranches. These amazing partner ranches produce steakhouse-quality cuts of beef that receive the USDA’s highest grades. Our farms go beyond the organic standard and raise pasture-raised chicken that’s the best you will try. We’re proud of every box of American meat & seafood we get to deliver to your door.

Proud American farmers holding up the American flag

Consider giving us a try today. Don’t wait for the USDA to get the labels right. You can get 100% American meat & seafood 100% of the time with us today. Our Good Ranchers store is just one click away. No survey is needed to discover the truth. Find your box and subscribe to high-quality, American meat & seafood today. 

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By Good Ranchers June 10th, 2022

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