State law could kill ‘Made in USA’ label



‘Joblessness and dysfunctional government go hand in hand’

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If a company wants to label its product “Made in the USA,” it had better  beware of selling it in California, which may allow people to sue the company  for using the label.

While the other 49 states adhere to federal standards allowing a product to  carry the “Made in the USA” label if it is substantially manufactured in the  U.S., California alone requires a product be 100-percent American made. Not a  pin, not a screw can be made anywhere else.

In fact, in 2011 California’s Supreme Court affirmed in Kwikset v. Benson  that the company Kwikset could be sued for using the label on one of its locks  because the screws in it were manufactured in Mexico.

Far from protecting American manufacturers and consumers, however, even the  Made in USA Foundation is warning California’s law is…

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