We think you do and an overwhelming 92% of American’s say -YES in a recent Boston Consulting Group survey of consumers.

Sadly, the WTO (World Trade Organization) doesn’t see it that way.  The WTO has ruled that U.S. producers of beef, poultry, lamb and other agriculture products must remove the current legislated Country of Origin Labeling from their packages by May 23rd. (less then 2 short months away)

So, now consumers will lose the transparency in their food supply that for years they have fought for.  Scary, but true.

What is even scarier is that mainstream media hasn’t picked up on this story in a major way so, many consumers don’t even know what is about to happen in May to the packaging of the goods they buy everyday for themselves and their families.

So, what can you do about it.

1st Let your Grocer, Retailer and Producer know this is important and you want to know where your food comes from.

2nd tell them we have an independent solution for you to know and you want to see the label “Product of USA Certified”.

Our company is the  leader in independent, 3rd party certification of the Product of USA Certified claim.  We are a voluntary certification that producers can use on their product and packaging to let consumers know –that they are proudly – PRODUCT OF USA CERTIFIED.

U.S. consumers have the right to now where their food comes from and producers have the right to voluntary market their products with our trademarked certification.

We are the solution that consumers and producers are looking for.

Contact us today for more information.

Product of USA Certified

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4 thoughts on “Do you want to know what country your food comes from?”
  1. Can the control of the media affect the LATAM IT business and how?
    It is well know that Mexican are not well informed by the media, TELEVISA, AZTECA groups among others are checking the content of the news they are broadcasting in the Mexican media, something similar is happening to the Mexican American communities, the media only is only focus in immigration, but not in technology, jobs, human traffic, financial, accounting, Mexican and American Corporates, education, Visas, NAFTA, LATAM IT among others.
    There are some hypothesis that CIA former students at LATAM and now criminals were trained for the cold war are still using old techniques to control the media, but the results are catastrophic, the cool war had been won by China in LATAM, Mexicans cannot buy something else that Chinese products in their daily lives, NAFTA is not working at all, so all these old techniques by the Agencies are not working properly for the American people in general, taxes are wasted there.
    There are more extreme poverty in Mexico and USA for Mexican American and Mexicans but we still we cannot identify the real causes because of the fuzzy information given by the means. Mexican and USA news are related in most cases for the Latino lives and it is affecting the economic, politic and social factors of our communities.
    There has been a lot of accounting frauds affecting Mexico and USA like Wal-Mart, PEMEX vs. SIEMENS, the use of Mexico as a bridge for Indian and Chinese Origen Companies to get US business, among others. In the case of immigration it is easy to have visas for Mexican criminals than for Mexican children of American citizens. So we do not have the information we really need to have our own identity and increase our own development in the USA and LATAM market, all these are an advantage of the US and Mexican monopolies, and it makes not possible to have our American dream in the USA and LATAM markets.

  2. Are you saying that our food is controlled by another country. Why is our president not able to control something so miniscule as the safe labeling of our food products, to keep the American people safer. We have no say as to if we want to eat American made. Why don’t they just drop a bomb on us now and put us out of our misery. Why should we have to suffer from poisoned and tainted food products. I am feeding my pups homemade and now I will not know if I am buying tainted chinese chicken.

  3. “The WTO has ruled …must remove the current legislated Country of Origin Labeling from their packages” This says it all about the puppet master.

  4. This is scary stuff. I want to know from which country all the food I eat originates. I only buy products that state that they are made or grown in the United States. The only apple juice that still carries the “Made from 100% American Apples in the United States” is TreeTop. Many foods. have no country of origin so I will not buy them. I want a choice. I only want to buy foods that are American Made or of American Origin, processed in America, for our family. We should have the right to do just this and know where our food comes from. We are the ones paying for it. How can the WTO force this issue? What gives them the right to do this?

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