THE FACTS: As reported by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the US 2010 TRADE DEFICIT for goods and services was NEARLY $500 BILLION, and growing rapidly. This deficit is 33% LARGER THAN 2009. That means the average US adult consumes $700 per month in imported goods.  Statistically, if we could reduce that to $517 per person per month, WE COULD HAVE NO TRADE DEFICIT AT ALL. More importantly, with no trade deficit, we could conceivably have 3-4% unemployment (a historical rate of unemployment).

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On Friday, February 12, 2011, The Department of Commerce released the trade deficit totals for 2010.  Stories about this will likely follow in the AP and every major
publication. We took the numbers offered by The Department of Commerce and compiled our data from them.

As such, approximately $700 is the Amount of Goods Consumed by the Average American Adult: ($1,935,000,000,000 in imported goods) ÷ (232 million American Adults) ÷
(12 months in a year) = $695.04 ≈ $700 in imported goods were consumed per
person per month in 2010.

Please note that these numbers were from the DOC press release issued Friday and the US Census numbers for American adults.

$517 is the sum of exported goods per adult per year ($463) plus our
trade surplus in services per person per year ($54.38).

Why these numbers: Because this is the change the American people
would have to make in the number of imported goods consumed to reach a
balance of trade on all goods and services.  If we had a balance of
trade on goods alone, we would have an overall surplus on goods and
services put together, which is the statistic most commonly cited.

Therefore based on the DOC and Census numbers, if we reduce the average adult consumption of imported goods from $700 per month, to $517 per month, we will have eliminated our overall trade deficit on goods and services put together.

All calculations are represented below.


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