Local Business Woman Named Micro to Millions Award Recipient for the Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition ™ in San Francisco, CA ~ Micro to Millions prize winners received business coaching and other prizes to help catapult their business revenues to a million dollars~

Boca Raton, FL- November 11, 2010–Business growth program, the Make Mine A Million $ Business Competition selected Boca Raton business owner- Julie Reiser of Made in USA Certified, Inc. as one of the 10 Micro to Millions Award recipients to obtain an awards package at the San Francisco, CA – Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition event on Monday, November 8, 2010.  This exciting event featured female entrepreneurs from across the nation who obtained business development packages that include business coaching, PR, and access to financing to help catapult their businesses into million-dollar enterprises.   The event also included educational and networking opportunities in addition to a keynote speech by Count Me In Founder, Nell Merlino.

Julie Reiser is Co-Founder and President of Made in USA Certified, Inc., the Nations leading third party Certification for products Made in USA.   Julie and Made in USA Certified have been featured on Fox Business Live, ABC, Fox, The Palm Beach Post, Sun Sentinel, South Florida Business Journal- just to name a few.  Julie is frequently asked to speak as an expert on manufacturing in the USA and Made in USA  issues for various national and local publications.  As a mother to six boys, wife and small business owner- her voice represents real people on main street USA.

It all started in late 2004, Julie and her husband launched -Made in USA Magazine. Made in USA Magazine featured articles and information about companies that proudly manufactured their products in the United States despite increasing pressure to lower costs and ship jobs and manufacturing overseas.  The magazine quickly highlighted the need that there was no real way for consumers to verifiably identify products as truly “Made in USA”—thus, Made in USA Certified was born.

Made in USA Certified has a team of highly trained auditors that do an independent supply chain audit to verify the validity of the Made in USA, Product of USA, or Service in USA claim.  Similar to Certified Organic- the Made in USA Certified Seal gives consumers peace of mind and confidence in their purchases while verifiably keeping U.S. dollars and U.S.  jobs here in our Country.   Made in USA Certified has a growing list of elite Member companies that have chosen to take that extra step in getting Made in USA Certified- proving their commitment to quality and complete transparency.   Member companies get access to a range of member services including: branding, PR, marketing, networking with a community of like minded business owners, education and advocacy – just to name a few. Made in USA Certified is not just a business it is a growing movement that is gaining momentum.

Julie and the other Micro to Millions prize recipients received several of the key components of the Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition awards package that will help their businesses break the million-dollar barrier, which includes inspiration, community, and business coaching from a “dream” team of coaches and business experts from Count Me In, and select discounts from national sponsors.

Launched in 2005 by Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and founding partner American Express OPEN, the Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition was created to help post-start up, women-owned businesses grow to one million dollars in annual revenue.  Since its inception, the program has hosted 22 competitions in cities around the country and has grown into a nationwide movement.  In the history of the program, thousands of women entrepreneurs across the nations have applied.

“We are thrilled by the eagerness of women across the country to grow their businesses, create jobs in their communities, and create stability for their families and the national economy,” said Nell Merlino, Founder and President of Count Me In.  “The number of applicants mirrors the growth of our entrepreneurs, businesses, and their desire to take them to the million dollar level.”

The Make Mine a Million $ Business  Competition has garnered support from organizations who are all joining hands in order to make an impact in women’s lives and strengthening the US economy. The impressive list of national sponsors includes American Express OPEN, FedEx, WIPP, and Sam’s Club. Sponsors provide an array of products and services that serve as invaluable tools for growth.

For more information about how women can grow their businesses please visit www.makemineamillion.org.

About Count Me In
Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence is the leading national not-for-profit provider of resources, business education, and community support for women entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses to million dollar enterprises.  Count Me In launched the Make Mine a Million $ Business Competition to inspire one million women entrepreneurs scale their businesses to a million dollars in revenue in the next decade by providing tools, skills, and the support of a nation-wide community of peers.

About Made in USA Certified
Made in USA Certified, Inc. is the leader in independent third party assurance verification for genuine Made in USA products and services. Our Seal of Certification assures the consumer that the Made in USA, Product of USA or Service in USA claim is true– keeping you and your family safe, giving consumers peace of mind and helping to support and promote products and services Made in USA, one factory, one business at a time.  

Trust but Certify!

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