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Do you want to know what country your food comes from? After May 23, 2013 you will NOT.

There is a TOTAL news blackout on an important FOOD issue that affects us all.

U.S. producers must remove PRODUCT OF USA and the U.S. Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). Currently food products must be labeled with what country they originate from.  93(1)% of Americans agree and support the rules as they exist today.  The WTO (World Trade Organization), which we are a member of, has found our COOL law is a “Barrier to Entry(2)” for its members.   A few of the WTO member countries (Mexico and Canada) filed a lawsuit against the U.S. in their self-appointed biased tribunal court.  We were found in violation(3) of putting up barriers to entry; then we appealed(4) and also lost the appeal.

On or before May 23rd 2013 the U.S. COOL “PRODUCT OF USA” must be removed off all packing for BEEF, PORK, LAMB, CHICKEN, GOAT, SHELL FISH and more….

If you still want to know what country your FOOD comes from we all have to make a lot of noise.

  1. To build awareness like us on Facebook and share it with your friends which does not do much but it is a start.
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  3. Tell your Retailer / Grocery Manager about what is going on and ask them what are they going to do about it?
  4. Please contact any and all MEDIA and POLITICIANS

We have the solution “Product of USA Certified™”

6 thoughts on “WTO May 23rd and COOL”
  1. As a consumer of food products that are imported from other countries, I must know where they came from, so I can make an intelligent decision when purchasing items for my families consumption. We, as inventors and small business owners, with our products certified and labeled as Made In USA-C, want our customers as well, to know that the products they purchase from us are safe, durable, eco-friendly, as well as ‘lead free’ to help prevent health issues and let them know where it was manufactured.
    We must all take a stand to fight this issue to the best of our abilities by letting Congress and lobbyists know how we, the consumers of America, feel about this issue and they must put a stop to this law! How dare the WTO tell us that we cannot require this labeling on food brought in from outside of the USA???? Who dare our government fail us and let this happen?

    Call to Action today! If for no other reason than to protect all citizens of the USA! Stop this madness and protect our great nation!

    1. Amen and Amen!!! Our own government is failing us on just about everything and for sure on this issue. We better make a lot of noise.

  2. I have serious food allergies and it is a MUST THAT I KNOW where the foods come from & how they are farmed!! Medically, this will put my HEALTH at GREAT RISK!!
    Will my family fault the WTO if I die??
    You can bet on it!!
    Linda Harwood

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