ANE Universal Announces Made in USA Certification

Miami, FL., March 12, 2012— ANE Universal proudly announces their second year of Made in USA Certification for the company’s line of “Made in USA” nutritional supplements and diet aids.

ANE Universal’s mission is to formulate and distribute Vitamins, Nutritional Supplements, and Minerals (VSM) of high quality and excellent results to help improve and maintain the health and quality of life of their customers. ANE Universal is proud that their lines of products Viality and SlimNow are certified by Made in USA.

The Made in USA Certified seal promotes ANE Universal’s quality and commitment to manufacturing here in the U.S.A. and helps consumers readily identify both the Viality and SlimNow products as certifiably Made in USA. A large percentage of consumers are looking for products manufactured in the U.S.A., particularly when it comes to their Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements.

ANE Universal uses bilingual labels in English and Spanish, being 100% natural, having a selection of high-quality ingredients, and having a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, make them a prestigious American Manufacturing Company. ANE Universal consumers have the added assurance with the Made in USA Certified seal on Viality and SlimNow products lines that the Made in USA claim has been verified, tested and is true.

Made in USA Certified’s Co-Founder & President, Julie Reiser stated, “ANE Universal has shown an unwavering commitment to manufacturing nutritional supplements and diet aids in the U.S.A with the finest quality ingredients available domestically.  ANE Universal creates jobs and fuels our Nation’s economy proving that we can still Make it in America!”

About Made in USA Certified, Inc.

MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® is the only Registered “Made in USA Certified” Word Mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Made in USA Certified is the leading non-partisan, independent third party, certification company for the “Made in USA”, “Product of USA” and “Service in USA”claims.  The USA-C™ Seals show that a company bearing these trust marks has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to verify compliance with national standards.

Trust but Certify!

Made in USA Certified
Julie Reiser