Bill Clinton’s ‘Back to Work’ Promotes Buying American

 Boca Raton, FL —President Bill Clinton in his new book ‘Back to Work’, offers up a blueprint for an American recovery.  The national book reviews from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and The Daily Beast have been anything but, complimentary.  But, what is surprisingly missing in almost every review is praise for Clinton’s proposal to “Buy American” and how this can stimulate the economy and create jobs.

President Clinton asks in Chapter 6, “How Do We Get Back in the Future Business?” and lays out a 46 point plan of proposals to create new businesses, new jobs and unlock intrinsic capital in America. Clinton states with a sense of urgency, “We don’t have a day or a dollar to waste.”

Idea  #43 on page 182 suggests to “Promote affordable opportunities to Buy American” and mentions Roger Simmermaker and his ‘How Americans Can Buy American’ series of buying guides as well as Diane Sawyers-‘Made in America’ series on ABC’s World News Tonight.

President Clinton also wrote; “To help us make an American choice, on these and other issues, a Florida company, Made in USA Certified  verifies companies’ claims that the materials and manufacturing are domestic.”

Co-Founder and President of Made in USA Certified, Julie Reiser states, “The focus for all Americans should not be one of blame and conflict but, a disciplined, laser like focus on solutions and cooperation.  We all must rise above the political mudslinging and media mayhem and challenge ourselves to be a part of the solution. It is indeed time for every American to rise to this challenge.  Buying American and supporting a “Made in America” agenda is something our Government, business, and individuals can do to help create jobs and stimulate our economy right now.”

About Made in USA Certified, Inc.:
MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® is the leading non-partisan, independent third party, certification company for the “Made in USA”, “Product of USA” and “Service in USA” claims.  The USA-C™ Seals show that a company bearing these trust marks has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit to verify compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. Consumers know that when they see theses seals, the claim has been verified, tested and true. 


Made in USA Certified, Inc.

Julie Reiser

Video of Julie Reiser @ Barnes and Noble with Bill Clinton’s Book


Julie Reiser, President of Made in USA Certified and Roger Simmermaker, Author of How Americans Can Buy American at the book signing of President Clinton's Back to Work book in Miami.

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