Jamie Norwood and Julie Reiser unite to encourage patriotic spending and spread awareness of the importance of Buying American

OAKDALE, Calif & BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Two American ladies with companies on opposite sides of the nation have collaborated in an effort to bring more jobs back to the USA. Jamie Norwood, owner of the Dig U.S. Out website (www.digusout.com) and Julie Reiser, owner of Made in USA Certified, Inc.have formed an alliance in an effort to further the Made in USA movement.

On the West Coast in 2009 Norwood launched www.digusout.com, a search engine database of Made in U.S.A. companies and products in an effort to promote the purchase of Buying American. Norwood developed the Dig Score which is a unique way she rates companies on the percentage of their product that are Made in USA. Companies with 50% or more of their components are able to register on the site and are scored from a 1 Shovel rating all the way up to a 3 Shovel Gold rating for the highest content of USA components.

Concurrently on the East Coast in 2009, Julie Reiser was also launching –Made in USA Certified, Inc. in an effort to become the leader in independent third party assurance certification for genuine ‘Made in USA’, ‘Product of USA’ or ‘Service in USA’ claims.

Reiser, a mother of six boys had become increasingly concerned about the dangers of imported products and food as well as the outright false claims manufactures were making of being ‘Made in USA’. She decided she had to do something about it.

So, at a time in the U.S. when unemployment soared, foreclosures skyrocketed and the U.S. economy took a turn for the worse—these two ladies took matters into their own hands in an effort to make a positive difference.

Now with this unique and powerful collaboration, Dig U.S. Out will offer the highest rating possible for Made in USA Certified companies. Made in USA Certifiedcompanies which have already gone through a rigorous supply chain audit will be recognized by the Made in USA Certified seal on their company profile but, will also have the highest Dig Score with a three shovel Gold rating.


Dig U.S. Out
Jaime Norwood, 877-344-8166
Made in USA Certified (USA-C)
Julie Reiser, 561-279-2855 X111

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  1. I am starting a website to educate people about buying American products and where they can purchase the items. Can you explain to me what it take to be certified Made IN USA and Products of USA.

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