By: Julie Reiser

President Obama held a town hall meeting at Gamesa Technology Corporation, Inc. in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, April 6th.  President Obama spoke about wanting to make America more competitive when it comes to energy.  He was quoted all over the press saying: “I want it made right here in the U.S.A.”

I think it is fantastic that President Obama is promoting alternative energy sources, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and developing clean energy.   Today as I write this in Palm Beach County, Florida – gas at the pump is nearly at $4 a gallon. OUCH!   I am big proponent of developing alternative sources of energy and I do believe this is an area the United States needs to devote time, innovation and money towards.

Yesterday—was a particularly hectic news day with the impending Government “shut down” dominating news—so; naturally Obama’s Town Hall meeting promoting Green Energy and innovation went largely unnoticed by most of the main stream media outlets.

What also went unnoticed by many is that Gamesa Technology Corporation, Inc.  is a foreign owned company with headquarters in Vizcaya, Spain.  Yes—they have provided valuable and needed jobs to an area of Pennsylvania that is mostly known for its steel mills and has been hard hit by decades of outsourcing and an agonizing recession.   But, it is a foreign owned company with corporate headquarters in Spain!

So, I am wondering if it strikes anybody else funny that the President of the United States of America would not choose to have a Town Hall meeting to promote American innovation in regards to alternate energy at an American Wind Turbine company???  Or is it just me?

Look… I am all for foreign companies providing jobs to Americans especially in these hard hit areas.  Americans need to get back to work—my preference is that it would be American companies providing those jobs but, those seem to be fewer and fewer .  However, they ARE out there and they need our support, they need the Nations support and the President’s support.

In order for us to be the leaders in innovation—we need to be making things, innovating, creating and doing it domestically so, the knowledge and the intellectual property and know how stays here.  For decades we have handed over this knowledge and innovation to other countries—only to be copied, and then underpriced out of our own game.

Yesterday—on the same day this Town Hall meeting happened–  I got an email from one of our clients—Aeronautica Windpower.  Aeronautica Windpower is located in Plymouth, Massachusetts and is 100% American owned and operated.  They also are the first and only American wind turbine company to become Made in USA Certified.  Anyway—yesterday I got this email saying:

“Aeronautica Windpower, LLC, is pleased to announce that Cape Verde Wind has chosen our 47-750kW Wind Turbine Generators for high penetration, hybrid wind/diesel applications to supply clean, efficient, and reliable power to the people of Cape Verde.  The initial purchase order of 15 units will provide 11.2 megawatts of power for this $22 million project, with more planned for installation in 2012 and 2013.Aeronautica Windpower is America’s Wind Turbine Company, providing our excellent wind turbines for North America, and we’re honored to be the supplier of wind power to Cape Verde.”

I leapt for joy!

As clients, these folks, these amazing entrepreneurs and engineers have also become friends and we have shared many a conversation on the various challenges they have faced accessing working capital and competing against state-supported foreign companies that are aggressively going after this American market.  I have felt their pain, empathized with them and sent many an email to Government representatives and media on the importance of telling Aeronautica’s story.

Now they have done the amazing.  This “little engine that could” is now an American company EXPORTING American (Made in USA Certified) Wind Turbines to Cape Verde at the tune of a $22 Million Dollar contract.  How amazing is that?  Best part is…..the money stays here in the United States to help them grow their business, fuel our American economy, employ Americans, pay U.S. taxes and continue to innovate.  I mean….is this awesome or what??

So, I sent them a congratulatory email and this was what Shaun Lockett, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Aeronautica Windpower replied:

“Thank you, Julie!  Couldn’t have done it without Made in USA, frankly: They were looking for a quality solution, and that little seal of yours helped convince them we are one!  Cheers!”

I got chills as I read it, and I get chills as I write about it again.   For all of you reading this that has ever doubted your ability to make a difference, stand up for what you know is right and noble… is the proof.  You can make a difference—and if we stand together, united and strong—supporting each other – ANYTHING is possible.

So, as I write this— I reflect on all the people I have talked to over the years that said—“Who needs a silly old seal?” or “What value does your seal bring to my company?”

I say – WE say….standing tall with Aeronautica Windpower as my poster child of what is possible  “a $22 Million Dollar Exporting contract—that’s WHY!”

This is why companies need to become Made in USA Certified—and be proud of it, promote it, use it to its fullest advantage.  There has never been a better time to promote yourself, your business, your services or manufactured goods as “Made in USA Certified”—these companies don’t just say they are “Made in USA”—they have proved it!

The time is NOW to market yourself as Made in USA Certified….and you know what??  You might even see a BIG spike in sales!

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