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R&D/Leverage® First To Be  “Made In USA Certified®

Structural Brand Development/Mold Maker

Resurgent U.S. on-shoring of manufacturing holds both supply chain efficiencies and marketing appeal to both customers and employees, according to R&D/Leverage®…

LEE’S SUMMIT Missouri, May 2, 2013 R&D/Leverage® is the first U.S. mold maker and Structural Brand Development Company to be  “Made in USA Certified®,” according to Robert Schiavone, Global Marketing Director for the company, which is the full-service plastic product solutions company that created the “Idea, to Mold” business model.

The announcement from Made in USA Certified, the leader in independent third-party assurance verification for genuine Made in USA products and services, underscores the acceleration of U.S. on-shoring of manufacturing and the concurrent rise of interest in U.S.-sourced products and services amongst customers, the general business community and current and future employees.

“We are proud of our Made in the USA designation, for both our own accomplishments and because it represents the strength and innovation of the U.S. Plastics industry,” said Schiavone.  “Belief in our country’s manufacturing prowess has never been greater.  Frankly, the scope, strength and innovation of our homegrown Plastics industry is a beacon to all industrialized nations that the U.S. is firing on all cylinders.”

The enhanced problem solving capabilities and scope of expertise of full-service domestic solutions providers such as R&D/Leverage have helped accelerate the flow of project on-shoring to the U.S., as have factors such as rising transportation and labor costs in the Pacific Rim. “When you examine all the elements of the job, from quality to time-to-market, to overall cost, the U.S. plastics solution is extremely attractive to our customers,” Schiavone said.  “And for those customers seeking certification will look for suppliers that already have won the designation.”

“In the past, Chinese providers would just throw bodies at an assignment, give the low labor rate.  Now, however, the savvy customer sees the big picture, which is that we in the U.S. can increase supply chain efficiencies and deliver a higher quality outcome,”  Schiavone said, adding that the Made in USA certification has particular resonance amongst potential employees.

“Experienced military veterans as well as younger folks, two groups that will help lead us in our business’ future, respond very positively to the Made in the USA designation,” he said.  “This is a banner that will help us attract the best and brightest of tomorrow’s Plastics industry superstars, and re-ignite interest in U.S. industry amongst some just entering the workforce.”

Added Made in USA Certified’s CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Reiser, “The United States has always dominated the plastics industry.  Our country is known the world over as having undisputed quality, workmanship, design and production.  This is one leadership position the United States should strive fiercely to protect.  We are so pleased to have R&D/Leverage as the very first Made in USA Certified Structural Brand Development and Mold Manufacturer in the U.S.”

(Editor’s Note: Robert Schiavone will address related issues at Amerimold 2013 on June 13, Rosemount, Illinois  http://www.amerimoldexpo.com/zones/track-info?alias=knowledge-centers.)


R&D/Leverage USA, headquartered in Missouri, services the food and beverage, home and personal care, and healthcare industries. It is the only company to offer both structural brand development and mold manufacturing capabilities. Structural brand development capabilities are upfront research such as retail audits that include trend and color study, ethnographic research, consumer focus groups, concept development, validation, and implementation. Mold manufacturing capabilities include full mold manufacturing for PET tooling, IBM tooling, injection molds, as well as unit tool development, testing, validation, and training. R&D/Leverage Europe is recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of single stage tooling. Services include product evaluation, tooling design, tooling manufacture, and technical service assistance. The company also has on-site injection stretch blow molding machines (ISBM), from which the company offers pilot tooling, material trials, color trials, and production tool qualification.

Combined, R&D/Leverage Global serves customers in 32 countries, and is the first and only company to provide this full range of packaging solutions. For more information, visit www.rdleverage.com or email info@rdleverage.com.

About Made in USA Certified, Inc. (usa-c.com)

Made in USA Certified, Inc.  is the leader in independent third party assurance verification for genuine Made in USA products and services. Their Seal of Certification assures the consumer that the Made in USA, Product of USA, Service in USA claim is true– keeping you and your family safe, giving consumers peace of mind and helping to support and promote products and services Made in USA, one factory, one business at a time. Trust but Certify!

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