This Fathers Day we challenge each one of you to purchase at least ONE gift for Dad that is Made in USA Certified.   Each one of the companies listed on this list have gone through an extensive audit of their supply chain and assembly process- verifying that they are compliant with our high standards for certification.

This year our resident Dad of six boys (my husband) has offered to select his top Five Fabulous Fathers Day Gift Ideas that are all certifiable – Made in USA.

#1  Tough Traveler
Every active Dad needs a Tough Traveler Stallion child carrier backpack in his arsenal.  Whether you are hiking through Yosemite National Park or taking the dogs for a walk in the neighborhood, this handy baby pack securely and safely carries your precious cargo while keeping both of you comfortable.  Manufactured in Schenectady, New York since 1970.  Purchase on-line at: or if you are in the area stop by for a factory tour and show your kids how we still make awesome stuff here in the U.S.A!

#2  Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Car Products
What Dad doesn’t love his car and his big boy toys.  I know my husband does and he particularly takes pride in a clean, waxed and polished car.   His favorite product line to use is Pinnacle Car Care Products.  This line of high end car care products are made in Stuart, Florida and can be found at select Retail locations around the U.S. , also at  The Drivers Seat and on-line at:

#3   Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Summer is officially here and it is going to be a hot one!  Weekends filled with hanging out by the pool, beach, lake, barbecuing, outside dinner parties, enjoying the outdoors.  Summer would just not be complete with out some adult libations. This Dad’s favorite is without question Tito’s Handmade Vodka produced in Austin, Texas.  Mix it with Natalie’s Orchid Island Grapefruit and Orange Juice for a tropical, refreshing drink that is sure to get the summer started off right!  Find a retail location that carries Tito’s at:

#4  All American Clothing Company
So every Dad needs a good pair of American Made jeans!  Jeans have always been an iconic symbol of American fashion.   All American Clothing, a family owned business out of Arcanum, Ohio produces the only jeans that are Made in USA Certified and have Jean Traceability Technology where you can trace the origin of the cotton in your jeans right back to the farm from which it was grown.   We think that is super cool and so will Dad!  Purchase on-line at:

#5  Caravelle Powerboats
So, this is a “Dream Gift” for any Dad.  Caravelle Powerboats out of Americus, Georgia is building a new high tech facility in the town of Americus that will be providing 300-500 jobs to the town.  This company is investing in infrastructure, innovation, people and America and they should be applauded for it!  Caravelle Powerboats manufactures the first and only Made in USA Certified line of boats in the U.S.A.  So, whether it is this Fathers Day or another day down the road, this is a great “Dream Gift” that would make any Dad’s dreams come true!  Find out more at:

For a complete list of Made in USA Certified companies click on DIRECTORY at

4 thoughts on “Five Fabulous Fathers Day Gift Ideas- Made in USA!”
  1. Julie,
    You are amazing. You work so hard to fight the battle. We need to get you to the top of this mountain of issues… from their you can speak to all of the people who will listen regarding the need and the ways to bring back the small business sector.

    Thank you for all yo do!


  2. Great Post! You can check out some online gift stores if you are unsure what kind of gifts to get. There is one store that I found that has a bunch of unique gift items, electronics, gadgets, keychains, and other interesting items. I bought a few things from them and the people I gave it to like it a lot. The stuff there is pretty cheap. They also have free shipping and they deliver fast.

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