Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 9th) is coming up fast and we have put together this handy little guide to help you get just the right Made in U.S.A. gift for your mom this year.  Yours truly, a mother to six active boys has hand selected—our *top 5 picks* that are all CERTIFIABLY – Made in U.S.A.!

Every mother I know is concerned about the economy, the debt, lack of jobs and this country’s future for our children and grandchildren.  There is no question that manufacturing still has a major impact on our economy.  Did you know that if EVERY American spent just an extra $3.33 on U.S.  – made goods, it would create 10,000 new jobs in this country?  So, giving a gift to mom this year that is beautiful, cool and Made in U.S.A.—well—that hits the spot for this mom to six!

USA Coffee Company //(

Every mother needs in her kitchen cabinet some delicious USA Coffee from Hawaii.  Great tasting, full of flavor and certifiably Made in U.S.A.  Our favorite pic is the Mother’s Day Gift Box with a 12 oz bag of Union Roast, another 12 oz bag of Maui Morning Mojo and a beautiful USA Coffee Mug .  What mother doesn’t need a little caffeine to get going in the morning?  Now she can do it and help our economy at the same time.  We think that is just cool.


Brand of the Free //(

We also fell in love with this super cool t-shirt company that uses all USDA organic cotton and is Made in USA Certified.  It was hard to pick just one favorite tee – as this company is known for its funky, edgy take on patriotism.  Our pick was the “Green Light” tee for the message on going green, sustainable and all natural lifestyles.   This t-shirt is great for mom’s that love protecting Mother Earth, a message I know we all want to pass onto our kids—and what’s more GREEN than Red/White & Blue & being Made in USA?

Thought Out Company// (

To keep a household flowing smoothly with six kids, 2 dogs, a husband and running a business—this busy mom needs her technology to keep our life on track.  I love all things Apple and am always the first in line for the newest tech gadget.  Thought Out Company manufacturers fantastic iPod, iPhone, iPad stands that are sleek and sturdy with a very futuristic design- a must have accessory for all your Apple gadgets.  My personal favorite is the iPad stand made from solid steel, all Made in USA.   This modern mom will be keeping on top of her schedule, Facebook, Twitter and the world — all while looking incredibly technologically chic!

Tough Traveler //

My oldest is 16 years old and my youngest is 5 years old- so, I am way past the point of carrying any of my kids in a Child Carrier on my back.  But, all of my children have enjoyed this perfect all-around child carrier for every day use or all day hiking.   Every new mom needs one of these carriers.  It is literally a must have item!  Featured in Consumer Guide and in Parents Magazine as a “Best Buy” – it is Made in the USA in Schenectady, New York with meticulous attention to detail and quality workmanship you can’t beat!  This carrier is all about comfort – for both baby and the parent!

Hanky Panky // (

Last but certainly not least— how could we round out this Mother’s Day Gift Guide without mentioning our favorite Made in USA lace thong manufacturer?  Now you can get mom’s favorite, laced underwear, boy shorts and thongs in all her favorite colors and save money too.  Buy now and you can save $25 off a purchase of $100 or more with code FORMOM2011 (offer expires 4/29) so hurry!!

One thought on “The 2011 Made in U.S.A. Mother’s Day Gift Guide”
  1. Love to know other company’s are as passionate as I am for building jobs in the U.S.A. and getting our country back to work!

    Thank you for sharing these products. Please look out for my sun protective U.S.A. made apparel. Scheduled to launch in June!

    Together we can build our country back where we once were!

    Best regards,
    Marina Arnold, R.N.
    SPF Addict, LLC

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