If anyone needs to see FIRSTHAND the demise of some very good American Businesses here it is! Over just the last year, our offices have contacted a little over 4,100 US businesses offering information about obtaining a MADE in USA CERTIFICATION and today we did a follow up email to these 4,100 companies. Unfortunately 1,074 of these addresses to which we actually had MADE initial contact were now UNDELIVERABLE and OUT OF BUSINESS. That’s 26.6% of these good US companies and the jobs they supported GONE in just the last year!

US Business Owners: GET YOUR COMPANY CERTIFIED at usa-c.com TODAY so that we can offer you the credibility and exposure you need to drive business to your company or support, and enhance the business you have.

Request a Free Quote TODAY at usa-c.com and let us start that process, and then be one of your biggest Cheerleaders NATIONALLY…

And to the many NEW-PATRIOTS in our midst: Become a MADE in USA CERTIFIED Affiliate by going to out NEW-PATRIOT Affiliate program and joining us. There’s no cost or obligation, just a desire to help companies learn about the importance of BEING CERTIFIED and getting consumers to BUY AMERICAN. Become a NEW-PATRIOT and someone who is DOING something about saving our economy.

Ours is a CRUSADE to SAVE US BUSINESSES. Right now we are doing that one business at a time, but we need your help. If ever there was a time to unite people toward a common cause, it’s RIGHT NOW!I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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