There are Democratic Parties, Republican Parties and now even Tea Parties… and all of this in a country that drinks coffee, and is supposed to be a collection of fifty UNITED STATES. Each want to push their “new” agenda and hopefully they are sincere about the future of the USA. But these are “parties”… We don’t need new parties or new agendas. What we desperately need is a generation of “NEW-PATRIOTS” who support the USA. And YOU need to become a NEW-PATRIOT…TODAY.

That is what we are doing at MADE in USA CERTIFIED, INC. (, America’s Number One independent, non-governmental and non-partisan auditing and certification company. We make sure that products bearing a “Made in USA” label ARE just that… so that patriotic consumers who want to BUY AMERICAN can do so honestly. We are acknowledging these NEW- PATRIOTS, the companies that are buying American supplies to make products and services here in the United States, while employing Americans. They are “toughing out” this economy, building safe, high quality products that deserve the support of American consumers. Be a NEW-PATRIOT right NOW. And you can do that in a number of ways:

1. Get your company CERTIFIED and your products CERTIFIED, by going to our website and REQUEST A FREE QUOTE. We will quickly get back to you and start the certification process that will prove the value of our MADE in USA CERTIFIEDTM Seal.

2. Become a NEW-PATRIOT by signing up as an Affiliate whose responsibility is simply to find us more patriotic companies and products to be certified, sending them to our website. It’s that simple, and you don’t have to wait for an election to try and help our economy, and you can do that RIGHT NOW… It’s so effective, and far easier that trying to have legislation passed, boycotting, or protesting against one party or another. We are ALL AMERICANS and this is a simple positive step to take back our country from the foreign powers who are trying to own us through the products we buy. It’s a fact that if we could reduce the number of foreign goods we buy each month by just $200, we could end our $500 billion trade deficit, and possibly reduce US unemployment to between 3-4%, putting Americans back to work. We think that is important and KNOW you do too… and it’s patriotic at a time when we need to be… PATRIOTS!

Become a NEW-PATRIOT and join our team TODAY…

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