Hanky Panky has been granted the Made in USA Certification Seal after showing an exemplary commitment to manufacturing in the United States of America for over 30 years.

DELRAY BEACH, FL., (Business Wire)– Made in USA Certified, Inc., is proud to announce that Hanky Panky has qualified and been granted the Made in USA Certified Seal. Made in USA Certified congratulates Hanky Panky on their superior innovation and commitment to manufacturing in the USA since 1977.

Hanky Panky was founded by two friends; Gale Epstein, President & Creative Director and Lida Orzeck, Chief Executive Officer who very early understood the importance of keeping things “local”, even before it was chic to do so. They have built a multimillion dollar designer apparel business in the heart of Manhattan using the finest materials available and 100% of the fabrics and trims are produced in the USA.

As the struggling New York Garment Center fights for survival, Gale and Lida are leading the way of the future not only for the New York Garment Center but, for the entire United States apparel manufacturing base. They have established a business model that is thriving. Gale and Lida are proving that “Made in USA” still stands for quality, pride and workmanship while also proving that small businesses’ not only can survive but, can prosper by manufacturing in the United States.

President / Co-founder of Made in USA Certified, Julie Reiser stated, “We are so proud to certify a company that truly exemplifies the American innovative spirit. Gale and Lida have found their own way, creating a beautiful product right here in the United States, keeping Americans employed and our Country strong. Their successful business model shows that it can be done, it will be done and it must be done.”

About Made in USA Certified, Inc. (www.usa-c.com)

Made in USA Certified, Inc. is the leader in independent third party assurance verification for genuine “Made in USA” products and services. Our Seal of Certification assures the consumer that the “Made in USA” or “Product of USA” claim is true– keeping you and your family safe, giving consumers peace of mind and helping to support and promote products and services Made in USA, one factory, one business at a time. Trust but Certify! ™

ABOUT HANKY PANKY (www.hankypanky.com)

Hanky Panky was founded in 1977 by Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck, after Gale gave Lida a birthday present of delightful lingerie made from hand-embroidered hankies. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has since selected the original handkerchief lingerie (the inspiration for the company name) for its permanent costume collection. Renowned for its legendary “World’s Most Comfortable Thong®”, Hanky Panky has taken fashionable comfort to a new level with its creation of intimates in a wide range of styles that complement every body type.

Company contacts:
Made in USA Certified
Julie Reiser, President & Co-founder

Hanky Panky
Emily Shapoff, Account Supervisor



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