DELRAY BEACH, FL., (BusinessWire)— Made in USA Certified, Inc. is proud to announce that All American Clothing Company received their Made in USA Certified™ Seal of Certification, having been a valued member company of Made in USA Certified™ since December of 2009.  All American Clothing Company has been manufacturing high quality, comfortable clothing out of Arcanum, Ohio since 2003 and is organized under UFCW 1099.

All American Clothing Company provides union made and USA made clothing for individual needs, company/organization, special events or garment fulfillment programs.  All American Clothing Company supplies only USA made products selected from America’s best manufacturers.

President of All American Clothing Company, Lawson Nickol says, “Remember, you aren’t just buying a pair of jeans made in the USA or a USA made shirt; you are supporting thousands of American jobs here in the USA. From the farmer who grows the cotton to the people who built our building and maintain our equipment. It is truly important to continue to support Americans and the United States economy by buying USA Made.

Made in USA Certified’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin T. DeMatteo stated, “We are so proud to have All American Clothing Company among our elite companies that have gone that extra step to get Made in USA Certified™. Supporting our U.S. economy couldn’t be any easier—all of the clothing this company carries is made right here in the United States of America. There is no doubt about it, purchasing clothing made in the USA keeps the money, taxes and jobs here in the USA where we all need it.”

About Made in USA Certified, Inc. (

Made in USA Certified, Inc.  is the leader in independent third party assurance verification for genuine Made in USA products and services. Our Seal of Certification assures the consumer that the Made in USA or Product of USA claim is true– keeping you and your family safe, giving consumers peace of mind and helping to support and promote products and services Made in USA, one factory, one business at a time.

Trust but Certify!™

Made in USA Certified, Inc.
Julie Reiser, President | Co-Founder

All American Clothing Company
Lawson Nickol, President

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