Adam Reiser: Trump administration struggles to enforce ‘Buy American’ EO 13788

Nearly eight months after President Donald J. Trump signed his executive order “Buy American and Hire American,” an expert on certifying whether goods are made in the United States shared with Big League Politics the challenges in certification and enforcing Trump’s intentions.




Adam Reiser, the CEO and founder of Certified, Inc., told Big League Politics he is seeing no action in the executive branch to move the president’s executive order forward.

A source familiar with how the White House drafted the executive order told Big League Politics: “There are zero teeth in it, you know? Let’s of fanfare, lots of publicity, back-slapping and hand-shaking with Trump–and now, it is getting resisted, like as if it meant nothing.”

According to the president’s directive, all agencies were supposed to have turned into both the Department of Commerce and the Office of Management and Budget how they plan to comply. These plans are to include, searchable databases of certified vendors, storage arrangements for the documents and simplifications of their internal procurement procedures.

Reiser said Trump’s executive order was the president’s attempt to bring federal procurement back in synch with the law.

The Buy American Act of 1933 was signed by President Herbert Hoover the day before he handed over the White House to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Act was championed by Rep. Joseph W. Byrne, (D.-Tenn.), then the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and later Speaker of the House.

Byrne’s idea was that given support by the Hearst newspapers and by Hoover’s Commissioner of Customs Francis F.A. Eble, who would go on to start the Buy American Club.

“The law says that the U.S. government has to show preferential treatment to U.S. manufacturers,” Reiser said. “It is so the government has to buy from its own.”

Reiser said that from the 1970s, the federal government has been providing waivers to the 1933 law. “In the 1980s and 1990s, it has picked up big-time.”

When the president signed Executive Order 13788, the White House was optimistic.

President Donald J. Trump holding his Executive Order 13788 at the April 18, 2017 Kenosha, Wis., signing ceremony. (White House photo)

A senior administration official speaking on background on Easter Monday, the day before the executive order was signed in the headquarters of the tool company Snap-On in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said the executive order would correct the abuse of the Buy American Act waiver process.

“Okay, so the culture immediately changes across the agencies.  We have a lax enforcement, lax monitoring, lax compliance,” the official said. Read more of this post



Boca Raton, Florida – Nov. 21, 2016 – CERTIFIED, INC. has announced an agreement with Switzerland-based Galileo Asset Management SA ( to assist in the acquisition of $20 million of equity funding. Such funding will expedite CERTIFIED’s international distribution and usage of their breakthrough disruptive smartphone VERITY™ scanning app. Read more of this post

Certified Inc. Admitted to the Research Park at FAU Technology Business Incubator® (TBI)



Boca Raton, Florida May 11, 2016 – CERTIFIED, INC. has announced the Company’s invitation and admittance into the highly selective Technology Business Incubator® (TBI) at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, a move that will assist in furthering breakthrough advancements engineered by CERTIFIED in the area of cognitive research and the collection of big data. CERTIFIED developed the Augmented Reality Visual Search Engine (ARVSE), a smartphone app named AUGI™, an advanced product tracking and tracing breakthrough. Read more of this post

The Earthwise Group Wraps Up 2015 with Exceptional Sales

The Earthwise Group Wraps Up 2015 with Exceptional Sales

Now Building 1 Million Windows a Year

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio, Jan. 26, 2016 — The Earthwise Group, manufacturers of high quality Earthwise Windows & Doors, experienced remarkable growth in 2015. The group reached the benchmark of producing 1 million windows this past year. Earthwise products are now distributed in 43 states and sales are up 16% from the prior year.  Over the past five years, sales have doubled for the Earthwise Group as a whole. Earthwise windows and sliding glass patio doors are used for replacement, remodeling and new construction applications. Read more of this post

BedInABox®.com Earns Made In USA Certified® Recertification for its Mattresses and Foundations

BedInABox®.com Earns Made In USA Certified® Recertification for its Mattresses and Foundations

Made In USA Certified® announced that BedInABox®.com, the US manufacturer and Internet retailer of high quality, technologically advanced memory foam and latex mattresses, has been recertified for having its mattresses and foundation Made in USA by Made In USA Certified®, the nation’s leading 3rd party independent source for USA –Country of Origin claims. This means that the mattress and foundation assembly and production processes have been independently audited and verified that the majority of components used in the manufacture of these products is made in the United States. Read more of this post

Citrus Magic® Earns “Made in USA CERTIFIED®” Seal on Solid Air Freshener

Citrus Magic® Earns “Made in USA CERTIFIED®” Seal on Solid Air Freshener



Boca Raton — July 10, 2015 — CERTIFIED, Inc. (, the nation’s leading independent, non-governmental organization (NGO) certification company for Country of Origin claims, reported today that BEAUMONT PRODUCTS and their CITRUS MAGIC® Solid Air Freshener has earned a Made in USA CERTIFIED® Seal for its Baby Calming Lavender and Lavender Escape freshener lines, qualifying for this distinction after a detailed supply chain audit that documents all components and processes. Read more of this post

A Solution for Manufacturers and Retailers Struggling with False “Made in USA” Claim Litigation

Made in USA Certified Seal

As reported on Friday, April 9, 2015 by the Law360 website, Macy’s Inc. and other retailers and manufacturers are facing the claims of California consumers that their “Made in U.S.A.” claims were false since jeans holding that label did not comply with California law that requires that all components within the jeans be made entirely in this country. Read more of this post

John Ratzenberger’s American Made TV Show Kicks off Campaign in FundAnything

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger (best known for playing the mailman Cliff Clavin on Cheers) is launching a crowd source campaign today with FundAnything for his brand new television series, ‘John Ratzenberger’s American Made.’

A video release on the show and campaign is available at:

“From the things we need, to the things we want, to the things we dream about— we’re going to show you the best of our country’s home grown products,” says Ratzenberger. “But more importantly, we’ll highlight the remarkable men and women who use their skills and ingenuity to create goods they can proudly call made in the USA.”

The show will also empower viewers with a direct and easy path on where to buy the products profiled. The series will be produced with, which Ratzenberger co-founded.

“We chose to crowd fund the initial few episodes for strategic reasons,” said CEO, Jeffrey Solomon. “Crowd funding is an excellent way to mobilize fans and promote our American made corporate partners before the show launches. It’s also an excellent way to allow the public to be a part of the show before its release on TV.”

Crowd funding has grown into an extremely successful method to fund creative projects without the bureaucracy of corporate mandates. Ratzenberger’s campaign will give donors a chance to be on the show; join John at a VIP events; receive products profiled, and many more opportunities only available to donors. He has already signed on 30+ American-made companies and industry groups.

Those interested in participating in John’s FundAnything campaign can visit for more details. Individuals can also see these companies/industry groups on the TV series Facebook page at

Ratzenberger’s career includes 40 feature films and dozens of television shows including the highly successful ‘John Ratzenberger’s Made in America,’ which ran 5 seasons on the Travel Channel from 2004 to 2008. John is currently a regular on FX’s ‘Legit,’ and has recently appeared on Fox’s ‘Bones,’ CBS’s ‘CSI,’ Lifetime’s ‘Drop Dead Diva,’ and TNT’s ‘Franklin & Bash.’ He is also in production for the newest Pixar film ‘Inside Out.’

About Reality TV Star is a reality TV production company that uses technology to improve the process of developing, casting and producing reality TV shows. offers fans the ability to upload “slice of life,” casting, and “home” video clips, for the chance to be discovered by the team of producers.

Read the full story at

To learn more about Made in USA Certification please visit our website at:

Made in USA Certified

10 Must Have Made in America Styles for Fall 2013

Made in USA Certified Seal

The temperature is starting to cool, football season is underway, and the leaves are definitely changing. There is no question that Fall is steadily approaching and just as the leaves and temperature change, so should our clothes, reports the All American Clothing Co.

Arcanum, OH (PRWEB) September 18, 2013

The All American Clothing Co., one of the fewest and finest USA made clothing companies, today issued a report on the must have USA made styles for fall. Yes, there are clothing options out there that are made in America. Here are the 10 styles.

Click here for an updated list of USA made clothing items for sale.

1. AA Men`s Regular Jean Medium Stonewash:

This American made jean comes with a comfortable All American, Classic Relaxed Fit – not too tight, not too loose. The jean is Made in the USA all the way from the materials to the labor as it can be traced back to the American farmers who grew the cotton with a process called Traceability. The process supports over 12,000 American workers.

2. AA Ladies Bethany Low Rise Jeans:

A comfortable fit and confident look for the girl with curving hips and thighs. This USA made jeans enhances natural curves as they become beautiful in this contoured to fit jeans.

3. Quarter-Zip Fleece:

The quarter-zip fleece is stylish, ultra-soft and versatile; it can be worn to the football game or a casual day in the office.

4. Ladies’ Fine Jersey Long Sleeve Tee:

This soft fine jersey long sleeve tee is a great basic tee to have. It has a smooth, lightweight surface that’s crazy for comfort.

5. AA Men`s Classic Jean:

The All American Classic Jeans fits just like the old favorites do. This is a regular (not relaxed) fit jeans with a straight leg, mid-rise and is made of a premium 13.5 oz. denim. This jeans is made in the USA and features ‘Traceability Technology’ to show exactly where the jeans came from.

6. Ladies’ Jersey Leggings:

Wear these soft, stretchy leggings in a look that is blazing and survive the cold without even trying.

7. Men’s Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt:

There is nothing too crazy about this sweatshirt. It is soft, roomy, and American made.

8. Eco Micromodel Fine Jersey Ladies Long Sleeve Tee:

This linky soft and lightweight long sleeve tee is another essential for the wardrobe. It is elegant and effortlessly chic.

9. At Work Crew Socks:

This American made sock is fully cushioned with a hard-working, stay-up leg.

10. Men’s Long Sleeve Tee Shirt:

This high quality, durable shirt will look great in the fall. The cut on the shirt is tighter across the chest and the armpits.

Want more? Be sure to check out the All American Clothing Co. for many USA made clothing styles.

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All American Clothing Co. Continues to ‘Grow and Sew’

Expanding in New Village of Arcanum, Ohio Location

All American Clothing Co. Continues to ‘Grow and Sew.’ The All American Clothing Co. is pleased to announce the creation of new jobs in Arcanum, OH.

The Village of Arcanum welcomes the All American Clothing Co. to its industrial location with the announcement of a new headquarters for the USA Made clothing company. The new 45,000 square foot location will feature a substantial amount of warehousing space, a showroom, a retail store, and main offices for its employees. The All American Clothing Co. also plans on installing a manufacturing facility within the next year.

With its latest expansion, the All American Clothing Co. is pleased to announce the creation of new jobs in Arcanum, OH. Offering a USA Made product can create up to $15.7 billion if every American (313,793,643 citizens) spent $50 a year on one USA Made clothing item. That number alone can create thousands of jobs for American citizens. “We care about our country and the people in it; if we were only in it for money we would move our production overseas. We will not trade American jobs for foreign profits,” said BJ Nickol, Co-Founder of All American Clothing Co.

The All American Clothing Co. was founded by Co-Owner Lawson Nickol in 2002. Prior to this, Lawson worked for another USA Made jeans manufacturer and was on his way to a promising retirement. While shopping one evening, Lawson made a damaging discovery. He discovered his employer`s jeans in a store with a tag that said ‘Made in Mexico.’ The company he worked for had begun to outsource. He immediately sent in his resignation and started a family owned clothing company along with his son BJ and wife Mary Ann. Together, they instilled the same American Made core values that he believed in and established the All American Clothing Co.

Today the Nickol family continues to operate the company that supplies Americans with products that they can be proud to wear. The family and the employees believe the USA label will always stay on their jeans because of the importance of USA Made. When consumers buy a pair of All American Jeans, the Made in USA label also means thank you from the company, its employees, and the people in America who still have good jobs due to folks like you. Thank you from all of us.

To schedule an interview with Lawson Nickol, BJ Nickol, and/or All American Clothing Co. employees in Arcanum, OH please contact Logan Beam by phone at (888) 937-8009 or by email at logan(at)allamericanclothing(dot)com


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