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Shocking Truth About Garlic Imported From China

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Most of the garlic that was imported into the USA from China last year had high levels of banned toxic chemicals

Known for its antibiotic features and helpful for treating many bacterial and inflammatory issues, the garlic is widely used not only in the preparation of many remedies, but thanks to its special flavors and scent also used in various dishes and even eaten raw.

But note, not every garlic found on the market is as safe to use, but the latest report of several researchers have shown that the garlic imported from China can have a bad influence on the organism and instead of healthy compounds it’s enriched with high levels of pesticides and deadly toxins.

Most of the garlic that was imported into the USA from China last year had high levels of banned toxic chemicals, which can have devastating effects on a person’s health.

It’s all due to outlawed/banned pesticides Chinese producers use, such as phorate and parathion to accelerate the growth of the products.

Therefore, all of these chemicals get transferred into the products resulting in harm to a human organism knowing how widely and often is used in our kitchens.

In order to distinguish the Chinese garlic from locally grown, you should not only check the Country of Origin Labeling or made-in label labels can be false: note the form and look, the one cultivated in China is less bulbous and lighter.

This is due to the Chinese producers gaming the system by removing the stems and roots to lower the weight in order to save cost on shipping.

If you want to enjoy the benefits not just of garlic, but of all other organic products which belong in the groups of vegetables and fruits, and be certain that it won’t do more harm than good to your organism you should either start growing it on your own, or search from some trustworthy local farmers who can offer you a weekly supply with organic food.




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