Certified Inc. Admitted to the Research Park at FAU Technology Business Incubator® (TBI)



Boca Raton, Florida May 11, 2016 – CERTIFIED, INC. has announced the Company’s invitation and admittance into the highly selective Technology Business Incubator® (TBI) at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, a move that will assist in furthering breakthrough advancements engineered by CERTIFIED in the area of cognitive research and the collection of big data. CERTIFIED developed the Augmented Reality Visual Search Engine (ARVSE), a smartphone app named AUGI™, an advanced product tracking and tracing breakthrough. With its release, consumers everywhere could gain the complete transparency of where their food and other purchases come from, and producers will know who are shopping for their products and where. AUGI™ is a technological advancement in the tracking and tracing of food, plants, agricultural products, poultry, and meat, as well as children’s products and pet products, together with a breakthrough means of cost effective laboratory testing developed over the last two years.

“Major corporations are moving towards systems that utilize artificial intelligence and all forms of cognitive learning,” stated Andrew Duffell, president and CEO of the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University. “The emergence of any system that can efficiently gather the big data needed to fuel those systems is vital. We believe that the AUGI™ system from CERTIFIED could play a very important role, while offering students the opportunity to contribute and learn through CERTIFIED’s success.”

As a non-governmental certification company that qualifies and then quantifies the validity of product origin, especially in light of the termination of the “Country of Origin Labeling” laws, CERTIFIED remains a strong proponent for consumers in offering credibility to any ‘Made in’ or ‘Product of USA’ claims with the true origins of food products, together with a direct means of tracking just about anything.

“We started small as an advocate of Made in USA products,” stated Adam Reiser, CERTIFIED Founder/CEO, “and wanted to develop a means of offering credibility first, while also answering the question ‘Where does my food come from?’. Then, with an association with IBM Watson’s team and Google’s Alphabet offerings, we have developed AUGI™ into what will prove to be incredibly important for cognitive learning, and all areas of artificial intelligence, since big data is the necessary foundation to make it all successful. The TBI and FAU association gives CERTIFIED access to young, energetic students with highly creative minds who can assist in developing all the supportive services and spinoffs that can arise from our initial work.”


CERTIFIED Inc. is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) independent 3rd party Certification company that provides supply chain verification for “Country of Origin Claims”, and could potentially create and maintain the largest database of consumer shopping habits, and product tracing in the world through the utilization of their proprietary AUGI™ system. For more information, please contact at +1(561) 279-2855 or info@certified.biz


Technology Business Incubator (TBI) is located in the Research Park at FAU and is both a location and knowledge resource for entrepreneurs emerging from FAU – students, recent graduates and faculty. Established in 1985, the 94-acre Research Park is home to 19 mature technology companies working in conjunction with the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science, the FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and the FAU College of Business.

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