Citrus Magic® Earns “Made in USA CERTIFIED®” Seal on Solid Air Freshener

Citrus Magic® Earns “Made in USA CERTIFIED®” Seal on Solid Air Freshener



Boca Raton — July 10, 2015 — CERTIFIED, Inc. (, the nation’s leading independent, non-governmental organization (NGO) certification company for Country of Origin claims, reported today that BEAUMONT PRODUCTS and their CITRUS MAGIC® Solid Air Freshener has earned a Made in USA CERTIFIED® Seal for its Baby Calming Lavender and Lavender Escape freshener lines, qualifying for this distinction after a detailed supply chain audit that documents all components and processes.

“For over twenty-four years, Beaumont has been making air care and cleaning products of the highest quality and have dedicated themselves to using the best ingredients from here in the United States,” stated Robert Lowry, Managing Director of CERTIFIED, “and now they are evidencing that commitment to quality by undergoing an extensive supply chain audit to qualify and quantify their 100% USA content claim. The fact that their products work are safe and work is a great reason why so many buy them, and the fact that they are supporting the US economy, while insuring and evidencing the ultimate in health and safety for consumers, is another reason why you need to look for CITRUS MAGIC® and buy it!”

The certification process discovered that 100% of all the content within CITRUS MAGIC originates from here in the United States, as well as all manufacturing, processing and distribution so as to earn the 100% Content Made in USA CERTIFIED® Seal.

“Since we both qualify and quantify the content of every product we audit, earning a 100% distinction is indeed a great honor, and should be an added incentive to consumers who have stated that their preference is definitely for goods, and services, made here in the United States. CERTIFIED gives an independent assurance, and our Seals, when earned, signify an adherence to the tough quality and health standards that we demand here in this country,” continued Lowry, “and it is a central reason why a majority of foreign shoppers are demanding ‘Made in USA’ products as well.”


Founded in 1991 and located in Kennesaw, Georgia, Beaumont Products ( is a leading manufacturer of premium, eco-friendly consumer products designed for air care, general cleaning and personal care.


CERTIFIED Inc. is the United States’ Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and independent 3rd party Certification Source for “Made in USA, Product of USA – Country of Origin Claims”. The CERTIFIED Technology team are experienced professionals with extensive, pioneering backgrounds in systems integration, software development, encryption, load balancing, electronic signatures, data collections and national analysis… all on a worldwide scale who have developed a proprietary system of certification authentication, big data recovery and analysis. For more information, please contact Mr. Robert Lowry at +1 (561) 279-2855 or

Citrus Magic® Earns “Made in USA CERTIFIED®” Seal on Solid Air Freshener


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