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Trending Products Made in the USA

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Trending Products Made in the USA

In a recent study conducted by Consumer Reports, more than 60 percent of people interviewed claimed they would gladly shell out more money for American made products—even if those products cost an average of 10 percent more than products sourced internationally. 

Furthermore, in a recent Harris Interactive Poll, over 50 percent of respondents claimed it was “important” or “very important” to buy American-made products. Purchasing goods in America helps create more jobs locally, stimulates our economy and ensures goods are made in factories that support appropriate working conditions.

For small business owners desiring to capitalize on American’s growing propensity to seek out and purchase goods made in the USA, here’s a list of 10 trending goods made in America.

1. Tervis Tumblers

Built to keep beverages cold or hot for hours, the Tervis Tumbler ( is made in Florida. Featuring double-wall construction, the tumblers make wonderful gifts and come in many different designs and colors.

Fiesta Ware2. Fiesta Ware

Designed to spruce up any place setting, the bright colored Fiesta Ware ( your grandmother purchased is still available and trendy today. Produced in the same factory it originated in over 75 years ago, Fiesta Ware is one of the most collected art deco lines of tableware in America. To top it off, the company proudly stands behind its product and offers consumers a five-year warranty against chipping. How is that for product satisfaction?

Beardition3. Beardition

With the growing popularity of facial hair, there have been numerous male grooming products pop up all over the marketplace. Made in Nashville, Tennessee, Beardition ( focuses on products designed to “enhance your beardliness.” The best part? The products are 100% natural and feature ingredients designed to sooth sensitive skin.

4. Alex & Ani Bangles

Bangles are all the rage these days. Alex & Ani Bangles ( are manufactured in Rhode Island and feature collectable charms that make great gifts for yourself or someone special. Priced perfectly on par with their globally sourced counterparts, these bangles are trendy and stylish.

Zkano Socks5. Zkano Socks

Made out of certified organic cotton, these colorful socks are made in Fort Payne, Alabama. Although these socks ( are more pricey than most, the quality and fit of the socks speak for themselves—holding their shape wash after wash.

6. Nice Tech Accessories

With most of our technology made overseas, Nice Tech Accessories is a breath of fresh air. These colorful accessories–designed to keep your cords from tangling in a thousand little knots–come in a wide variety of crowd-pleasing colors and are reasonably priced at around $13.

7. K’Nex Building Sets

Manufactured in Pennsylvania, most of us probably played with these iconic toys as kids. Designed to enhance motor skills in young children, K’Nex building sets ( are ideal gifts for birthdays or holidays. The building sets are gender-neutral and feature pieces that build on each other.

8. Skookum Bungee Leash

Dog lovers everywhere can attest to the wonderful qualities of this American-made leash. For those of us that cannot walk more than two minutes without your dog’s leash getting tangled in your legs or theirs—this bungee leash ( is a lifesaver. The leash recoils when your dog walks next to you, preventing the leash from tangling and allowing you to walk with ease.

Voluspa Candles9. Voluspa Candles

These multi-wick, coconut wax candles ( feature scents that will both intrigue and attract. Beautifully packaged and constructed, these candles make perfect gifts.

10. EOS

The latest trend to rock the cosmetic world is the EOS lip balm. Featuring a funky sphere shape, the lip balm ( is petrolatum-free and made of organic products designed to produce noticeably softer lips.

As the demand for American-made products gains traction with consumers, delight your customers by being their go-to stop for trending made-in-America products. Research shows that not only will consumers vote with their wallet when given the chance – they will also appreciate your company’s dedication to quality products that are made in the USA.

SOURCE: Independent Retailer

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