Made in USA products on the rise

By Suzanne Bower, Made in USA News

Many manufacturers are moving their businesses back to the United States due to the increasing rise in income levels in China and lower fuel costs here in the U.S.  Made in USA products have seen a steady increase and a resurgence of company expansion in the United States.  Many companies also want to protect their designs from overseas copycats and to have better quality control of their products.

Manufacturers also contend that the cost and amount of time to ship from China has also increased as well as maintaining additional offices in China, frequent business trips, cost of housing and translators all come in to play when it comes to the bottom line.  It is becoming more clear about the advantages of coming back to the U.S. as the gap continues to grow between China and America.

Over the next five years, we will continue to see the trend of U.S. manufacturing return to the U.S. and a continued increase in products Made in the USA, jobs in the manufacturing sector, and continued growth in our economy.

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