Made in the USA: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


It used to be that saying Made in the USA went a long way. Consumers were proud to purchase goods made here in America, and it was almost a given. Then outsourcing came along, and many companies were forced to send their business overseas in order to stay competitive; cheaper foreign labor meant keeping production costs down.

Thankfully, American manufacturing is now making a major comeback, as reshoring is bringing business back to American soil. Along with it, Made in the USA is also making a comeback, with small and large businesses—as well as consumers—again realizing the true value in U.S. manufacturing.Flag_of_the_United_States_(Pantone).svg

According to a recent article in Time magazine, “American workers are busy making things that customers around the world want to buy — and defying the narrative of the nation’s supposedly inevitable manufacturing decline.” Large companies such as Apple and Airbus, along with small businesses, are bringing business…

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