The American Made Chic Award

Celebrating Excellence, Innovation & Sustainability in America – The American Made Chic Award

Boca Raton, FL —(DATE)  American Made Chic is now accepting nominees from American companies and individuals for The American Made Chic Award.  The award is a custom masterpiece created by R.S. Owens & Company in Chicago, IL that was featured on John Ratzenbergers’ series Made in America.

R.S. Owens & Company has been producing elegant awards and gifts for many of the world’s most prestigious and celebrated awards, including the most illustrious of all, the Oscar®, given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Also produced by R.S. Owens & Company are the television industry’s Emmy, The MTV Video Music Award, and the Clio for excellence in advertising, the Academy of Country Music Awards, The Spike TV Video Game Award, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award and now the American Made Chic Award.

As the American Made Chic team travels across the country and present a company or individual in each of their assigned destinations an award for the desire to strive for excellence in community, economy or new product development.

Awards will be given based on the following categories:

•           Old/New – Individual or company that has successfully established new and outstanding plans or designs of a historic area for community or economy.

•           Innovations-Made outstanding contributions by participating in or implementing the production, planning and implementation of a new product made in America.

•           Passion and Sustainability – Demonstrated outstanding commitment and courage for keeping the American Dream alive. Continue to operate a third or fourth generation business by providing jobs to local communities and contributions to his or her own legacy.

The American Made Chic Summer Tour will launch this on April 27th in a red/white/ & blue bus and head up to Louisville, Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby.  Louisville, Kentucky will be the first Award location.  June is Nashville, Tennessee for the Country Music Awards, July will be Daytona for the NASCAR races and the Grand Finale will be in Detroit Michigan (Motor City).

To find out how you can become a sponsor, nominate a company or individual or to just find out how to get more involved please visit the tour website at:


About Made in USA Certified, Inc. DBA American Made Chic:
American Made Chic is the events promotion division of Made in USA Certified with the goal of generating high impact events across the country in a grassroots campaign to get Americans excited about Buying American in a new and engaging way.  American Made Chic Summer Tour is a 3D marketing experience across America!

MADE IN USA CERTIFIED® is the leading non-partisan, independent third party, certification company for the “Made in USA”, “Product of USA” and “Service in USA” claims.

Julie Reiser


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