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"We're willing to DIE for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?"
"We're willing to DIE for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?"

Josh Miller of ‘Made in USA: 30 Day Journey‘ is asking us one simple question.
“We’re willing to DIE for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?”
Josh and his film crew will set out on a journey in which he will live off USA made products for 30 days. During his travels, he will speak and interview business-owners, homeowners, politicians, economists and American consumers to find out, among other things, what ‘Made in America’ means to them.  We will help Josh and his crew verify the made in USA claim with the help and support of Made in USA Certified.
Their goal is to raise $5,000 for the film during this campaign.  A $10 donation will get your name in the rolling credits of the film under “Minutemen”.  How cool will that be!
We believe Josh and his crew are a part of the Made In America Movement.  This film will help gain more exposure for this Movement.  This is why we are asking for your support.
Diane Sawyer & David Muir of World News with Diane Sawyer made everyone across the nation aware of this Movement last year with their ‘Made in America’ segments on ABC News, asking you all if you are “IN”.  Now we are asking you, are you in?
Let’s help Josh Miller on his journey.  Go to the link below. Donate your $10 (or more!) and let them know you are a proud supporter of the Made in America Movement.  Your support and donations really do matter!
Made in USA: 30 day Journey donation page I’M IN!

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  1. I really like the idea of living off of only ‘American made’ products…If everyone in the US would take a few minutes next time they go shopping and buy just 1 extra item made in the USA, it would go a really long ways in helping a struggling company keep their employees in a job, or least keep from having their hours cut…and the extra couple of dollars (or less) really isn’t going to destroy your monthly budget.
    There are more than just a few quality websites devoted to promoting American made goods and on of my favorites is
    They have a large collection (3,000+) of businesses that produce goods here in the USA, maybe enough to so that a person could live off of American made goods quite well.

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