Orange juice origins can be unclear

St. Petersburg, FL — With reports of fungicide found in orange juice made from Brazilian oranges, many customers say they’re seeking out OJ squeezed from citrus grown right here in Florida. But how do you know where your juice is really from?

While some labeling is extremely clear, other brands make it difficult for consumers to figure out where their orange juice is actually coming from.


Orange juice origins can be unclear

Orange juice origins can be unclear

Photo Gallery: OJ: Behind the Labels

10 News purchased a number of major brands from two local grocery stores to compare how many brands actually used oranges from Florida.

Here’s a sample of what we found:

– A bottle of Tropicana Pure Premium purchased at Publix was labeled 100% Florida Oranges.

– An identical Tropicana bottle from Walmart had oranges from Brazil and Florida.

– A bottle of Tropicana reduced sugar orange juice listed no origin at all that we could find.

– Publix Brand OJ had a clear Florida Orange Juice logo on the bottle

– Other brands advised customers to check the neck of the bottle for information on where the oranges came from. Some of the codes were unclear and hard to decipher where the oranges actually come from.

Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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