Made in USA Certified Inc. The New Shopping Culture

The New Shopping Culture

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As mainstream media continues to report on the dangers and recalls of products imported from other countries like; dog food, dry wall, toys, vitamins, milk, and lead paint. Consumers out of fear have started to actively read labels and shop accordingly. A recent Gallup Poll found that 72% of Americans are paying “heightened attention” to the country of origin.

Today, the American public wants to Buy American and is willing to pay more for it. This Gallup Poll revealed that 94% of Americans would pay more for foods grown or produced in the United States.

One Response to Made in USA Certified Inc. The New Shopping Culture

  1. Bob Johnson says:

    The United States is in trouble because for the last 20 years or so Americans have stopped making things. It’s that simple.
    Why isn’t our government explaining the fact that they got us in this mess years ago when they got involved in “GLOBALIZATION”. The government has been promoting outsourcing by giving (tax breaks) to USA companies that would agree to send our jobs away to so called poor countries so that their economies would improve. Now we know what it has done to our countrys economy…and finally people are talking about it..
    Globalization is not fair trade and needs to be fixed!
    This website (directory) is showing what product manufacturers we have left… …support and buy “American made” products.

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