Returning To America – The Debate

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Here’s a great blog post summary from reviewing a Deloitte article that debates the repatriation of manufacturing work back to the US. Salient points include that Deloitte, a consultant, is paid to look for an report change, and that the gap in costs between manufacturing in the US and offshore has shrunk from 32% to 17.6% in 2 years. Wages and energy compliance offshore, along with a weak dollar, are making the US more competitive, and we’re seeing at that some US buyers are looking to repatriate this work. But the US government is debating now how to maintain the existing tax and regulatory codes that have been in place since 1986 – this alone will restrict investment in US manufacturing, stifle R&D, and keep US manufacturers less competitive with international sources.…
Deloitte’s Report:… (copy and paste into your browser)

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