The First Stop to Landing your dream Job Leave the Country.

Going overseas to work can be a great way to jump-start your career, especially given the slow U.S. job market.

The economic rebound might feel good if you’re in the Goldman Sachs bonus pool, but for everyone else? Not so much. In fact, if you’re a fresh-from-B-school MBA, a frustrated manager, or a newly minted “consultant,” things probably look endlessly grim: half a million new jobless claims per week, nearly 10 percent unemployment, virtually no new hiring. But the truth is, there are hundreds of thriving companies, struggling to keep up with surging demand and desperate to hire someone just like you. The only thing is, they’re on the other side of the globe.

More than five million Americans are already there ― wherever “there” may be ― and more are expected to arrive as the expanding global economy continues rewarding talent over nationality. In places such as Vietnam, South Korea, and even Brazil, a little business experience and a lot of nerve can lead to a hefty compensation package and training that can give you a valuable leg up when you decide to return to the U.S. job market.

On average, the best-paid expats are in Asia, where one in four earn more than $200,000 a year. And, sure, speaking the local language is helpful, but it’s often less important than good business knowledge and experience.

So where to look? A planet-wide job hunt is overwhelming, which is why we’ve boiled it down to a few key questions to ask yourself. Check them out here Are You Expat Material? You might find that you just want to pack up and join the legions of Americans looking to make their fortune the expat way.

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