Truth or Consequences? How do you know if the “Made in USA”, “Made in America” or “American Made” logo/claim is true?

Certified True!

Many consumers do not know that any company can selectively slap a generic “Made in USA” label on its product or packaging easily downloaded from Google or uniquely created without any kind of approval from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or any other governing body.  This has caused rampant misuse of the label, downright deceptive packaging images, misleading claims, and outright fraudulent use of the “Made in USA” claim or inference.

The FTC has set up guideline for complying with the “Made in USA Standard” and they can be found here.  But, due to the Government Shutdown the website is currently down.  So, please see our website for details on the FTC guidelines here.

The only way the FTC knows when a company is misusing the “Made in USA” claim if it receives complaints and only then is when the FTC investigates the claim with resources permitting.  There is no formal system of review for companies to go through prior to placing the “Made in USA” or “Made in America” claim on their packaging.

So, this is where Made in USA Certified comes in! 

Similar to other independent, private sector,3rd party certification companies like, Certified Organic, Women Business Certified (WBENC), Underwriter Laboratory (UL), LEED Certified; Made in USA Certified specifically addresses the need for increased transparency and truth in labeling when it comes to the “Made in USA” claim.

How does Made in USA Certified do that?

We are the ONLY company in the Nation that does a full supply chain audit, where every single component in a product is traced back to its original Country of Origin.  Our team dissects every product to confirm the exact percentage of US production and then recommends the appropriate seal for proper labeling.  Each seal has its own Unique Identifying # – which tracks back to the audit documents. The Unique ID # protects the companies from counterfeiting of the seal or downloads from Google.

Why do you need Certification?

Manufacturers are competing against imports that are cheaper, are often lesser quality and sometimes dangerous.   But, manufacturers are also competing against companies within their sectors that are “playing the system” and claiming they are “Made in USA” when they are not, and quite possibly getting away with it for a long time.  YOU need a way to distinguish yourself— and with Made in USA Certification—that is exactly what you are able to do.


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